Topical Quiz – Thursday 25th Nov 2021

Question for the Topical Quiz tonight (6pm BST) on 5 Towns Radio:


  1. Which famous football team came back from one-nil down to claim a fantastic two-one win over MK Dons to boost them into the promotion spots on Tuesday?
  2. Which rocket ship owner just sold another billion dollars worth of his own shares for tax obligations? How many people could it be?
  3. Which major telecoms company has apparently sparked fear in the hearts of millions of elderly customers by announcing plans to switch from analogue to digital technology?
  4. What is 42% (in York) of your council’s budget spent on?
  5. What has just happened in space to save us all from sharing the fate of the dinosaurs?
  6. Which British US Open winner has just has her first holiday in seven years only the Daily Mail to report that seems posed in a bikini (and had a jet ski ride)?
  7. Why do migrants leave France for the UK?
  8. How do I know that Ralf Rangnick, the newly appointed manager of Manchester United won’t do as well as Sir Alex Ferguson?
  9. What’s just passed the ten million mark here in the UK?
  10. What happened to Richard Madeley and why on earth is it in the headlines when the same thing has happened to 10 million other people?


  1. Sheffield Wednesday!
  2. Elon Musk
  3. BT
  4. Adult Social Care
  5. The DART missile is on its way to a rendezvous with an asteroid so that it can try to knock it off it’s path by colliding with it.
  6. Emma Raducanu.
  7. I’m psychic.
  8. I don’t know .Twenty-seven people died when their dingy deflated as they tried to cross .Most deadly day ever.
  9. The number of covid cases in the UK since the pandemic started.
  10. Because he’s a celebrity? Please get me out of here!

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