Escapee Escapade

It began as an experiment.

Someone had said:
Thoughts can be used
To protect against thoughts.

By a mind full
Of her visage,
I said block.

A wall appeared.
Her face behind

Made bold
By her invisible countenance,
I watched my mind
For more.

One day
On a cold night in June
I saw my face in the mirror.

It was an angry face.

I was angry.

I desired to move away
From the me that was anger.

I wished myself dead.
But strongly.

A voice said,
As if in reply,
Which Myself?
Which Death?

I had no answer.

Life’s not the spring you think it is.
Hope’s not eternal.
But I’m slow.
Almost at a halt.

I didn’t die.
I hadn’t wanted to die.
I had just wanted to wish for more.

More Peace.
More Emptiness.
More evidence
Of Silence.

On the horizon:
A green spaceship.

Cut this short.

Take me flying
With you.


Photo by Andre Moura on

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