Pleasure Delayer

Don’t keep the best until last.

I know you like to have a good taste in your mouth when you’ve finished eating but that means that you have to start every meal by eating things you don’t like.

I know that you think it makes you a stronger and better person to hold off having that sweet experience now so that you can save it until later, but that means you sit, waiting and wanting all your life.

I know that you don’t want to wear your good, new clothes until all your old, tattered clothes have fallen apart on your body, but that means you walk around looking like a tramp most of the time.

I know that you don’t make the effort to give yourself the finest things in life now, and that you hoard your money and love and sweetness for some future time, but what if that time never comes?

One day, there won’t be a tomorrow. Don’t keep the best until last because the last day might come too soon and take both you and all your opportunities away.

So, don’t delay your pleasures; take them now.

Oh, and one last thing: don’t ever delay trying to be a better person. That won’t work out either.

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