Happy New Year

So sorry that my posts have been a bit wild and chaotic recently and that I’ve not answered many of your comments and that I’ve not been visiting your excellent sites as much as I should.

I have no excuses and no real plans to change. My only new year’s revolution is to be a better person, but not in the way that I blog.

Here’s my plan to improve. I want to:

  • Be more aware of stuff I do not like
  • Categorise this stuff into two sections: things I reacted to (and got angry at) and things that didn’t bother me (and I therefore ignored)
  • Make a list of all these things and track them from day to week to month
  • Extract patterns and repetitions from this list
  • Look deeply into the stuff that gets me angry so that I can stop this from happening
  • Ultimately, stop getting annoyed so damn much!

Apart from that, I have no plans to be any different in 2022, but I hope that you have great plans.

By the way: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

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