काल and निरंजन

काल gave me this for Christmas. I always thought her name was काला (black) but it turns out that it’s not. In one of the more wide-ranging conversations of the last few days (and there have been quite a few of them) she dropped out that her name is actually काल (era). Yeah, it surprised me too.

Anyhoo, we decided, from the document in the picture, that my aspirational power is to cooperate and that the power I already have is to withdraw. This means that I am already good at silence, detachment, introspection and concentration. But on the other hand I need to get better at respect, humility, responsibility and generosity. I suppose it’s be great to be good at all these things, but I have to start somewhere, right?

In a totally ‘nother conversation with a guy (निरंजन) I was having breakfast with this morning, he actually guessed my star sign correctly, just from having known me for a few days – how cool is that!

I’m a Leo in case you were wondering. Leo is an Earth sign some that means that I have an element of stability about me but that I need to guard against falling into routines.

I’ve had a lovely week (and a bit) away in Worthing and London, but it’s good to be home. Hope your Christmas was excellent and your New Year will be tremendous. Goodnight (or good morning, depending on your perspective).

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