Inviting all the Gods

I did a meditation the other day where I invited all the gods I could think of into my mind. So there was Jehova, God, Allah, Shiva, Odin and a few others that I don’t have names for (like the Mother Goddess of the Earth and whatever is in charge of Nirvana etc.) all in my mind with me. I tell you what: it felt like a tremendously zingy thing to experience and I think that you should do it too. I don’t think it matters what or who you believe in because the result is going to be good anyway. I’ve decided.

I remembered that meditation because I was just watching a video on YouTube that a friend sent me in which Gregg Braden (winner of the most interesting hairstyle of the day award) talks about the power of thoughts and words to create good stuff in the world. So, like, the meditation was the powerful thought and this blog post is the powerful words and the result will be that you will transcend something that’s bugging you right now. I don’t know what it is but I’m sure that you do. You’re going to get over it today.

Right, I’m off now to have another meditation. This time I’m going to ask all the gods to have a go at curing my friend’s spine cancer. I’m pretty sure that one of them will be able to do it. Then once that’s finished then we’re all going to bring about world peace and make sure that no more rubbish movies are made or rubbish books are written. Yeah, yeah, I know that my version of rubbish is not the same as your version but we’re going to take that into account. It’ll be less like writer’s block and more like a purge.

Oh, hold on, it’s lunchtime now. Cancer cures and world peace will have to wait for a beat or two. Sheesh, no wonder nothing ever gets done in this world; we’re all too busy taking a break to get anything done!

Here’s a photo I took yesterday to keep you going in the meantime:

By the Beach

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