14 thoughts on “Wonders

      • Yes. And “faith without works is dead,” if I recall correctly.
        Rolling up my sleeves and getting back to my bibliography…

        (ugh, I hate formatting: maybe time for another rant post??)
        -oh wait, I just did that…

        ok, references…

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        • I like that. ‘faith without works is dead’. Hmm. So, like, we have to actually do something towards getting what we want rather than just have faith that it will happen. My wife’s always saying something similar: ‘don’t just say it, do it’s (or words to that effect). I like formatting. It’s editing that I can’t stand. Oh, and references are a real faff too. You finished them?

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          • Oh, I must send you my WiP: how I hate formatting!! But I am unfortunately unable to pay in more than appreciation!
            Ugh, I’ve made them begin to look like references: https://shiradest.wordpress.com/2021/09/24/a-call-for-helping-hands/

            Oh, and “faith wout works is dead” comes from the New Testament: sorry, I grew up so steeped in Biblical study that I can’t help letting it slip, particularly if you’ve read any of my current serial Ann & Anna…

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            • I cannot hope to succeed alone, which is why I’m already calling for helping hands: so someone else will be starting to pick up the baton if I get hit by a bus!

              We can definitely succeed, if we decide to work together over these years. And we don’t have much time left for dilly-dallying, now, do we?

              Thank you, btw, Robert, for these comments and for your pondering, here.

              As I’ve said before, nothing worth doing isn’t hard, but the task is necessary.

              I need brothers (and sisters/sibs) in arms…

              *rolling up sleeves*

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            • We all have our battles and out calling. This one is yours. I sincerely hope that you get the support that you need (and that you don’t get hit by a bus).
              I guess we choose our battlegrounds according to our life experiences. I feel that mine may differ from yours significantly.

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            • I certainly hope that your life experiences have differed well from mine (you’ll know what I mean, if you’ve seen any of my Short Nonfiction Narratives listed on my Nonfiction Page…), but my experience also pushes me to keep working for the safety of all children, support or no, because it at least may make my own childhood worth having lived through, and at best, this work may help others avoid suffering the kind of childhood I had. If I can help even one kid avoid that kind of experience, then my own life will have been worth it.

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            • Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I love the way that you have used your experiences in a transformative way, Shira and have decided to do good things in the world as a result. You’re doing a great thing in a very dignified way – well done.

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