Delay your Endless Questions

When I’m busy doing something and I don’t want my mind’s endless comments and suggestions to disturb my business then I make quick notes and get to them later. Here’s the list that my interrupting mind made:

  • How do I make my own pop shield?
  • Why does a yucca wilt?
  • How can I unstickify my mouth?
  • What’s happening in Kazakhstan?

It’s later now and so I’m finding the answers:

  • So, I bought a microphone and I’m wondering if I need a Pop Shield to go with it. The good news is that I can save myself a whole fiver (£5) by using an old food carton, a piece of an old (or new) pair of tights, a length of chicken-wire and some glue. Here’s the (excellent) video that tells you how to do this: The result actually looks rather professional but I’m thinking to myself now that if I spend, like, an hour doing this instead of paying a fiver for a new one then effectively I value my working time at £5 per hour, which is way lower than the UK’s minimum wage. Hmm.
  • So, I’ve got this big, old yucca plant in the corner and it keeps wilting. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not watering it enough, overwatering it or just because it’s old. So, I searched the internet … and I’m none the wiser. If you water a yucca too much, the roots rot and the plant can’t take up enought water. If you don’t water the yucca enough then the plant can’t (well, duh) take up enough water. If the plant is big you can try giving it more water and if that doesn’t work then you have to cut a chunk off the top and replant it and throw the rest away (boooo!) It’s a big plant. I’ve tied it to a cane and I’m giving it water carefully. Wish it luck.
  • I was listening to someone giving a talk and the microphone was picking up the way her mouth unsticked itself between pauses. I wondered what was making her mouth stick together. My guess is that she needs to drink more water. I searched the internet for ‘my mouth is sticky’ and hoped that nothing rude would come back (don’t ask) but I was pleasantly surprised when the top result was 4 Causes of Sticky Saliva and Home Remedies. Here, in summary, are the four: stuffy nose, cancer therapy, dehydration and salivary duct obstruction. I hope that I was right with my theory that she just needs to drink more water because all the rest look really complicated.
  • Kazakstan is a huge country the size of Western Europe that has 3% of the world’s oil reserves but that, for some strange reason, ran out of fuel last week. Understandably (yes, sarcasm), the citizenry rioted and spent some time in the capital of the country doing bad things and breaking stuff. By the time the govenment forces (including some they imported from Russia) had done shooting their people almost 150 of them (the people) had died. The govenment claimed that they had ‘only’ killed 44 people. And I’m here thinking WTF! I mean, what kind of … you know? Ah, whatever. There by the grace of Boris go we, right?

So, yeah, that’s my last hour on the internet. I bet you’re glad you don’t have to live in my brain, right?

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