I’ve got a spreadsheet now that lists the (5 Towns) Radio shows that I’m going to create.

I’ve already recorded these:

  • The Variety Show
  • The Comparison Show
  • The York Show
  • The Earworm Show
  • The Day Show.

Next, I’m going to record these (one per week):

  • The Wedding Show
  • The Afrobeats Show
  • The Goth Show
  • The Indie Show
  • The Chilled Show
  • The Trip Hop Show.

The first set are all available as Playlists on my YouTube channel:

The next set will appear in the same place, one by one.

Did you ever want to be a robot? I bet robots don’t get stiff necks when they type with a cushion on their chair that’s too high.

I like music but I’m all talked out about it at the moment. Do you think I should upload my radio shows to my account on MixCloud?

One of these days I’m going to get all the links to all the things I do on the internet together in one place. It’ll make it easier for you to ignore them (rather than not know about them). Ignoring is not the same as ignorance.

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