A Letter from Me to You

Hi WordPress Peeps,

Strikes me that you might be curious about me and what I do? Hmm, let me think. Here’s a potted Bio I prepared for some other purpose – perhaps you could pick something out of the bones:

I live in York, UK where I work as a data wrangler for The Man whilst secretly planning my next career as a World-Famous Author. You can find me on my blog (obviously) most days so please drop a comment in to say hi. I also have a show on 5 Towns Radio, a podcast called Sklugoo Speaks and make really good vegan pizza.

My radio show? Well, that’s a bit difficult to define because I haven’t really got a particular style like other presents there. I don’t play reggae like DJ Reptile Rock, I don’t stick to the easy listeners like Barry York and I’m not a Dance Anthems Diva such as Fiona. The best you can say is that I play really good tunes that I love (and that I hope you will too) and then wax lyrical about them in an effusive and bubbly style. Oh, and I also read a story that I’ve written and published on my blog about halfway through each show.

I record from home and so send my shows in for Chris (the station supervisor) to schedule. In the emails, I describe each show. Here’s how I described the latest one I sent in (a few minutes ago):

This week’s show is all about me, in a sense. You know how I’m called Robert Day, well this is a whole show full of songs with the word Day in them. Predictable, it’s called The Day Show! We start off with a cracking tune that’s also one of my wife’s favourite songs: These Days by Rudimental. Then, as the show progresses, we go through each of the seven days of the week with a song or two (or three) for each day. So we have Boomtown Rats telling us how they don’t like Mondays, through to the end of the working week when The Cure tell us how they are in love on Friday finishing on Sunday when U2 get Bloody, Blondie have a Girl and Morrissey tells us that every day is like this one. Then we freestyle it for the rest of the show taking in Dermott Kennedy, Coldplay and Radiohead among other stellar acts. All in all, it’s a real blast of a show and the 5 Towns Radio listeners are sure to love it.

I know that this is all way too much verbiage, but I hope you get the gist and are able to pull something out for your own purposes.

The picture is from a month ago today. Don’t ask. 😃

Best regards,

Robert in Shorts

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