The Absence of Traffic

You might remember me mentioning, a couple of weeks back, the traffic-fume stink that accompanied my return from a holiday spent jetting around Southern Europe. I put the smell down to bad karma.

Worthing by Night

I’ve just returned from a holiday in the South of England during which I boarded zero jets. Since then my karma has improved markedly. Now, whenever I have the need to cross a road, I look left and right and see … absolutely no traffic on the road whatsoever!

It’s actually quite a spooky thing to experience the roads suddenly become empty as soon as I want to cross. I mean, I’m pretty sure that cars were whizzing by before (and after) that point in time, don’t what gives?

Like I said before, the only thing I can put it down to is good karma and, you know what – long may it continue! All I need to do is stay away from those jets, right?

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