How My Brain’s Wired

You’ll (maybe) laugh when I tell you this. Not really because it’s funny but because it shows how cracked I can be.

There’s this woman at work and her relative (let’s say it’s her uncle) just died, so she tells me about this and I file it away in my mind. Next time I see her I’m struggling for something to say to her and then I grabbed at this memory of her uncle dying and I (almost) said “so, how’s your uncle – still dead?”

I managed to stop myself that time, but this is just to warn you that if I say something inappropriate it’s not because I don’t mean well (I do) but because I’m not quite wired up properly.

(stolen back from a comment I made on Hannah’s blog when I was doing a Creative Writing MA at the same time as her)

4 thoughts on “How My Brain’s Wired

  1. Similar story here, a colleague confided in me that her husband was going for heart surgery and she hadn’t told anyone. She told me if he survived this one he would have to have a hip surgery soon after. The next time I saw her the words that almost tumbled out of me were – “did he survive?”

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