Okay, Maybe that was Inappropriate

Sorry about the title of my last post; maybe it was a little inappropriate. I mean, sure, we’re all adults here but not everyone wants that kind of thing thrust (metaphorically (of course) speaking) in their face.

The idea for the book, though, is genius. Even though it’s probably taboo to talk about them in polite company, issues like that are on everyone’s mind. Whether it’s in your day-to-day thoughts or buried in your subconscious, everyone has some kind of concern about matter of this nature.

Actually when I think about it, the title is a little male-centric. What I need is a something that applies to all genders. Those thing is, I’m pretty sure that if you don’t have the particular part I refer to then you have the corresponding part instead. I’m also pretty sure that that part could do with a whole bunch of psychoanalysis too. So, yeah, I need an everyperson title. Suggestions?

I kinda wish we lived in a society where things like this can be discussed openly but the fact is, we don’t. Everytime I’ve tried to post on anything remotely like this, my viewing figures take a significant hit. They go down from my usual 10 views to about 6. That’s a forty per cent drop!

Maybe I should just stick to my usual posts about strange thoughts that come to me while I’m showering, or skies that are an unusual shade of pink or stuff like that. But, y’know, even I get bored sometimes and want to shake things up.

But, like I said, sorry if I offended. I didn’t mean to. I sincerely hope you’re having a great day.


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