Chocolate Side-Effect (Maybe)

Just discovered one more side-effect of chocolate: aches and pains in my neck, shoulders and forearms. Well, it’s not really an ache (or a pain) actually, it’s more like a tingling. In my forearms, it feels like I’ve been using a mouse too much; a bit like that carpal-tunnel thing. In my shoulders, it feels like I’ve pulled a muscle on the top of my back. In my neck, it just feels like my muscles are tight.

Of course, it might not be the chocolate at all. It could be that I’ve been reading whilst walking too much recently. I mean, I have been walking a bit more than usual lately. I’ve gotten back into my 10,000 steps (85 heart points) per day routine and most of that is spent holding a book.

Or, as I said, it could be the chocolate. I’ve been eating a bit too much of that this week (one big bar (150g) per day).

I’ve decided to stop the chocolate to see if the tension in my body eases. If it doesn’t then I’ll resume the chocolate and cut down on the reading whilst walking (means: I’ll still walk, but I’ll probably try audiobooks at the same time). So, yeah, let’s see how that goes.

Oh, and yeah, before you ask – I’ve tried stretching. It works for my neck, but not for anything else (yet).

5 thoughts on “Chocolate Side-Effect (Maybe)

    • This is my second day without chocolate and already the aches and pains have diminished remarkably. I still have a sharp ache in the left at the back of our neck when I turn my head, but my shoulders and the rest of my neck feel much better. My forearm hasn’t given me any trouble today, despite me working with it all day (I’m a software developer). During the same period I’ve continued to walk whilst reading (and sometimes (rarely) while using my phone.
      So, yeah, I agree that it seems doubtful that chocolate can have that effect, but people are also strange in the ways in which they react to things.
      In a way, I’m sad. I love chocolate. On the other hand – extremes are rarely good.
      Hope you’re having a lovely day. 😊

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