Equates to Love

Okay, so we argue. Hey, doesn’t everyone? Mostly I argue with logic. Surprise, surprise, this doesn’t work. The argument escalates and nothing is resolved.

Yesterday, because I didn’t want to waste time arguing, I gave in. I conceded that all her points were correct (even though, logically, they weren’t) and, AS IF BY FREAKING MAGIC, the argument stopped. Her face lost that sulky expression that it generally has when we argue and, moments later, she cracked a joke! Life resumed and all was good.

Later on, she thanked me for ‘coming from love’. I clarified that she meant regarding the argument. She did.

So here’s my takeaway point: she equates giving in to love. If only I’d have known that. Sheesh. I mean, where’s the manual for this stuff and which page is that on?

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