Being a Better Person

In my quest to become a better person I have taken feedback from those nearest and dearest to me and have, on the basis of that, found a path to become a better person. I’m going to share these learnings with you now so that you can be better too. Well, that is, you could if you had the same problems as me. Which you don’t. So you can just read about me instead. If you want.

So, here’s the thing: I like to eat chocolate, but it makes me into a person who is not myself (feedback #01: you’re not yourself). Because I wasn’t myself I just blamed the person giving the feedback and we parted acrimoniously to separate rooms in the house (she to the kitchen to get water and me to the couch to write something on Goodreads) and then subtly cold-shouldered each other for the rest of the evening in a way that made us seem ultra-polite but without warmth.

This morning, I felt more like myself and so I asked what I was like when I wasn’t myself. Here’s feedback #02:

  • You were rough,
  • You were loud,
  • You were non-responsive and
  • You were not listening.

I made a mental note and then asked ‘so, am I myself today?’ to which I received the reply ‘yes, you’re a pookielala’ (feedback #03). I know that I was being just as loud this morning (but in a jolly way), but I was probably a lot more responsive and less rough. I also demonstrated that I was listening (because if I wasn’t, then how could I have remembered enough to type this?) and so all was well this morning.

But here’s what’s going to happen next: I’m going to eat chocolate and endeavour to remain pookielalaish. I have all the information I need. I just need to be smooth (not rough), quiet (but not too quiet), responsive and I need to listen. This can totally work, but, all the same, wish me luck (just in case).

By the way, here’s what pookielala means (according to Google):

Go figure!

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