If you (like me) have done just something energy-sapping (like eaten a big bar of chocolate) then this is for you (and me): recognise your reluctance and ride!

I didn’t want to wash the dishes after lunch, but I did them anyway and the bubbles made me (almost) giggle. I really don’t feel like getting back to work, but I will (straight after I’ve written this). I have a huge amount of resistance to … well, to be honest, finishing this sentence. But, as you see, I did it anyway. And I feel great after having done it!

So, yeah; I know it’s hard to do stuff when you don’t feel like doing it, but be assured (and reassured) that the reluctance doesn’t last the whole way through. Often you just need to start, and the momentum of the movement will take you through. At other times, you’ll feel like stopping before that crucial last act, but if you complete it, then you will feel good. I promise.

But, if all else fails, and you don’t manage to finish what you set out to do (or even start in the first place) then that’s okay too. I still love you, and you should t

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