Getting Meta

I’m going to tell you how to get meta by example. If you don’t understand meta at the end then just google it.

The normal level is illustrated by the example of learning to meditate. To learn how to meditate you just follow some instructions, either by listening to a teacher or by reading a script of some sort. If you follow the instructions well (and the instructor/instructions are good), you will learn how to meditate.

The first level of meta comes when you teach someone how to meditate. You do this by learning how to meditate and then codifying the steps you took and disseminating your codex to others who want to learn. You can do that verbally by using your voice in front of a class of students, or you can make your codex available in written form for others to read.

The second level of meta comes with the act of teaching the teacher. To properly attain this level you have to be good at two things: teaching and doing the thing that must be taught. In other words, you must be good at doing and also good at teaching how to do. By example, if you want to teach people how to teach others how to meditate then you need to be able to meditate yourself and also be able to teach others how to meditate.

The third level of meta is where we begin to ascertain the first faint feelings of farce creeping in. This level is about teaching teachers to teach other teachers how to teach a subject. It might sound faintly esoteric but it’s still a valid preoccupation for a certain kind of mind to meditate on. The procedure involved is thus: become someone who teaches people the valuable skill of teaching teachers to teach students to meditate (for example).

You will have realised by now that you can go up the levels as far as you like. The further you go, the more expansive your mind will become. In fact, by the time you reach the tenth level, you will probably have reached a deep and abiding state of connectivity with the universe and/or God. You will, in other words, have learned how to meditate effectively.

Thanks for reading. This lesson was free. If you want to go deeper, higher or further then …

Ach, who am I kidding. It’ll always be free.

You’re welcome.

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