A Full Day

Did loads today and capped it off by escaping into fantasy via a movie about the first world war. I wish I hadn’t, to be honest with you. I’d much rather have stayed in this world and made it better.

Earlier on today I worked. In between that I carried bags, washed clothes (and would have dried them were it not for the rain), walked far and wide, read a book about conversations with an extra-terrestrial called Tom who is trying to save the world from destruction, ate some great food, emptied the recycling, took a delivery of groceries, washed the dishes and did my Hindi learning. I’m sure that’s not all I did, but that’s all I can think of right now.

It’s also bedtime and I’m rather glad. Just have to wash and brush my teeth are I’ll be ready. Oh, and I will send this out to the world too. I wonder if, when I read it in 20 years time, I’ll be able to remember it all quite as vividly as I do now. I so admire writers who can get all the details down, like that French bloke who wrote about his madeleines. Proust?

Anyways, nighty-night, god-bless, see you in the morning. X

10 thoughts on “A Full Day

  1. Ha, I can relate about watching and then regretting it. I’m kind of obsessed with World War 2 series and movies. I usually regret it afterward since it makes me even sadder about this world and humanity!

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      • My grandparents are Holocaust survivors. They’ve been in that purgatory for 6 years (they’re from Poland and we were taken away as soon as the Germans invaded. Most of their family members perished in Auschwitz..)
        So I am deeply moved and connected to that horrific period in history. It has taken me many years to get rid of my addiction to the WW2 series which subsequently caused depression and anger!
        I’m better nowadays and admit it has been quite some time since I’ve last watched a true WW2 horror!

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        • In that case – totally understandable. I can’t even begin to think how to relate my small-town experiences to what I’ve read about those times. All I can say is that we do our best to move on through darkness with a loving heart that’s focused on the light. ♥ Well done for doing that, Simone.

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          • Yes, my grandparents have gone through hell, and despite that, they went on to marry and have children. It hasn’t been easy for them and their lives were shattered and broken after the war. However, they created something from the darkness and brought forth light.
            Any good WW2 movie recommendations? I just may binge-watch if there’s something really worth it 😉

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            • No, not.really. The movie I watched was about wwo not wwt. It was called The King’s Man. It was okay I suppose. Apart from that the only things that come to mind are 2 movies: Dunkirk and Schindler’s List, and a series on Amazon called Hunters (“Inspired by true events, Hunters follows a diverse band of Nazi Hunters in 1977 New York City who discover that hundreds of escaped Nazis are living in America. And so, they do what any bad-ass vigilante squad would do: they set out on a bloody quest for revenge and justice.”). Not really a fan to be honest. I prefer epic sci-fi. 🤓 Anyone up for staying up all night to watch all the Alien and Predator movies (again)?

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            • Haha! You’re definitely getting me excited here. As I said I’m a WW2 movie junkie. Over the last few months, I’ve held back from watching since I’m pregnant and I believe that the trauma won’t be good for my child 😉
              I’ll try out these! I’ll let you know which one I like 😊
              My husband usually prefers the sci-FI and I go for the honest-to-goodness movies. We usually try to balance it out and find content we can both enjoy!


            • In that case, you should watch Iron Sky together. It’s a 2012 sci-fi comedy where “An army of Nazis, hidden in a moon base for 70 years, prepares a gigantic warship for an invasion of Earth in 2018.” 😜
              Couldn’t tell you what it’s like because I’ve never seen it.

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