I want to write a whole set of stories about what goes on behind the scenes in life. I don’t mean the kinds of things that go on behind closed curtains but more like how the machinery behind our lives works.

For example, when we do things, like smile at strangers, meditate for world peace or doubt our faith, what happens next? I want to write stories that show what happens next. I want to show the consequences of both trivial and profound actions, words and thoughts. I want to take the lid off the machinery of life and describe what’s in there.

So often, we have no idea whether the card we signed to send best wishes to Mrs Smith in the accounts department to recover from her operation quickly had any effect. I want to show exacly what happens in situations like these.

So, yeah – wish me luck.

10 thoughts on “Stories

  1. High aspirations, which I think are awesome, and jealous I didn’t have at your age! Here are a few things you may already know that I have (finally) figured out (I think). We do things to better our lot in life, which in fact is our definition of ourselves defined by what we think others think of us. We believe ourselves to be what we think others think we are. We are sophisticated (or simple) automatons (you decide) as defined by the old philosophical argument of whether we have freedom of choice or not. I have lived to the point now where I realize that there can be things we regret we’ve done, yet also things we regret we didn’t do. Every decision we make is the best decision we could’ve made given our past experience and current sense-data at the time, that’s why we made that decision, even if it turns out to be wrong in the end. Everything we strive to be comes at a cost which we must be willing to pay. We are defined by our friends and our family, hopefully moreso by our friends as they are a choice, though indirectly genetic as well. We live in Quantum Immortality, which (could) mean that each of us are Gods that have decided to live in this “reality” where we are governed by natural laws beyond our control. Thus, when we die, we shift to another dimension where we did not die and continue living as if the accident of death never occurred. I may be wrong, I may be right, but I definitely envy your future explorations. 🙏💀

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