Two New Inventions

Not sure whether the first of these has already been invented, but the second definitely hasn’t. Not according to Google anyway. So, here we go then – two new inventions:

  1. Half Bowls. So, the wife made this excellent chocolate cake and she baked it in a round, glass bowl and it’s halfway eaten now (yum) but the fridge is too jam-packed full of interesting foodies for us to waste space on a half-filled bowl and so I was thinking that it’d be brilliant if the cake could be transferred to (or even baked in) a Half Bowl. You could even sell them in sets of two so that … erm … so that they could be put together in the oven to make a full cake (and in the fridge too). Of course, if we start on this path we’ll have to have further inventions of Quarter Bowls and Eighth Bowls too. But the concept needs to progress no further than that. I mean, c’mon – who leaves a sixteenth of a chocolate cake in a fridge!!
  2. Short Step Walking. This is such a brilliant idea that I’m amazed that no one’s thought of it before. You’ve got running, jogging, walking and power-walking, but no short step walking? Wow, c’mon! Think about it this way – lots of peeps (CDC, WHO, BHF) are recommending that we walk 10,000 steps per day and, normally, this takes about 85 minutes, which is almost an hour and a half. But what if we took smaller steps! I tested it this morning and, when I shorten my stride, I can take twenty steps in the time it takes for the wife to take ten. This means that I can get my 10,000 steps completed in, like, three-quarters of an hour, which saves me forty-five minutes every single day of my life. What’s not to love!

So, yeah – two brilliant new inventions in one day. You’re very welcome. 🐸

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