The Opportunistic Vegan

He only became a vegan because other people said it might be a good idea; which was different from him becoming a vegetarian. Because when he stopped eating meat he did that off his own bat for his own reasons. And that’s why he’s not really committed to the vegan cause as well as he might be.

He wears a belt that’s been holding up his Levis since he was about nineteen. He can’t see it harming anyone if he keeps wearing it. I mean, it’s not as if any more cows are going to die on its account at this stage now is it. Not at this late point in the battle.

When he was at the Vegan Fair (minus his belt; just for the day) he, tongue in cheek, mentioned to someone that plants are improving the air quality and so perhaps it’s best not to eat them, whereas cows are damaging to the climate and so perhaps it’s best to eat them instead. Someone laughed. He thought that perhaps his point was not taken seriously. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be (but perhaps it was).

He thinks that, in the end, we’ll probably end up only eating cabbages that have been certified to have died a natural death.

He’ll carry on being a vegan so long as it doesn’t interfere with his love of chocolate.

That said: we are what we eat.


Cow Face. Photo by Miriam Alonso on

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