Friend Request

I need a friend. Not just any old friend. I need me a corvid friend. A rook, a raven, a crow or maybe even a magpie. Blackbirds, although you sing beautifully, need not apply.

I’ve run it by the wife and she’s haooy with the idea, so that’s okay. Heck, she even says she’ll feed the bird. That is, until I told her they eat worms.

I’ve been saying hello to suitable birds over the last couple of days and they’ve been surprising friendly. None of them has said hello back to me yet, except in bird-language, but there’s time yet.

I went and sat by the lake and watched two crows cosying up to a waddle of ducks. They were all pecking some sort of food off of the ground and the ducks were surprisingly accommodating. But then one of the crows got a little too close to the ducklings for mamma-ducks comfort and she attacked them without hesitation. The crows finally flew off when a dog arrived leaving the ducks and ducklings to finish their meal in peace.

A magpie watched me from the next bench for a while making friendly chuffing noises. I said hello but he then got embarrassed by the attention and flew off to peck red berries from a nearby bush.

Despite what I said about blackbirds, I spent a good while saying hello to one that was singing to me from a tree. Sweet, but not my friend. Thanks for the melodies, though.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

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