You needn’t be doing anything with this moment except precisely what you’re doing now.

… and the next moment will be taken care of too, so don’t worry about that.

(Because people seem to struggle with the thought that they might not be using their time in a worthwhile way even when they’re doing stuff that’s hard, like raising kids, getting by and breathing. Do you know how hard it is to breathe sometimes? Yeah, I know you do. And just getting by ain’t easy. It takes courage to get up and face the day sometimes, especially when yesterday was such a struggle that you felt like giving up a thousand times a day. As for kids; they are tough little buggers that actually bounce most of the time when they fall over, but even thinking about them falling over and what could happen next is tougher than tough. But forget all that for this moment. For now, just be who you are, because you are very enough just now. And you’ll continue to be so.)

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