I’m really love to do some things he’s so I was wondering well is this and I thought well if I’m reluctant to do something does that mean I don’t mind do it and I should stop doing it and that you know that should not be my path in life or should it be that I should break through these barriers and like you not get my haircut when it gets too long and clean under the table when it gets too dusty and you not send that email when it’s way over due to be sent stuff like that and then I was thinking well maybe if I didn’t eat so much chocolate have you left reluctant to do things that involve actually moving and yeah perhaps are have you no like you more impetus to do more than just to watch movies all night and go to bed at the same time so I can get up in the morning and do something wonderful with the fresh UK and I thought all of that stuff that just brains stuff maybe I should just do something instead like you know go to bed what a great idea

5 thoughts on “Reluctance

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