I’ve no photography to share with you apart from the tree loppers I took back to B&Q for a refund, and that’s nobodies definition of interesting.

I’ve no stories in me apart from that I went to a Bookcrossing and swapped 10 books I’ve finished reading with one book to read (Mexican Gothic), which is a great result considering that the study is overflowing with books but is hardly interesting.

I’ve no great plans to share other than my ongoing plans to be world famous and live forever (well, at least until I’m 120) but that’s hardly news of you’ve been reading my stuff for a while.

I’ve no books to tell you about other than I’m reading one called Gut by Giulia, Enders, which is about the human digestive system (not entirely unrelated to digestive biscuits) and is fascinating me (so far) with its tales of what happens to the stuff we eat on its way through our body. But who wants to know about that sh…tuff!

In fact, I’ve nothing to tell you at all. Sorry about that.

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