Bench Views #22 – Coney Street, York

Coney Street, York City Centre

I don’t always think in a straight line. Heck, I hardly ever do. It’s all about curves, parabola and ever widening spirals for me when it comes to thinking. Let me lob a few thoughts over the fence in your durection:

  • A huge part of eyesight isn’t how well your lens can focus, but how familiar you are with what you’re looking at. Try reading in dim light whilst keeping a track of which words you struggle with. I bet you it’s the long, unfamiliar ones. Foreign words you’ve never seen before will be almost impossible, whereas short words will seem to be sharply focused and clear. If you don’t believe me, just give it a go.
  • There are loads of bumps on the inside walls of your mouth. They’re mostly so familiar that you don’t notice them. Some of them are saliva ducts, of which there are four. A couple of those ducts secrete saliva all day long (but not when you’re asleep) but the other couple only produce saliva when you think you’re about to eat something. The more delicious the food, the more they secrete. Have you ever seen a jet of liquid arc out of your mouth like a tiny water hose? I have. Tres amusant, I tell you!
  • When you’re concentrating (for example: writing a post on your blog), the world fades away until church bells pealing an merry tune right next to your head become inaudible. But once you notice them clanging away like they’re insane then you can’t unnotice them. They just go on and on and on and on and, enough, I’m off!

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