Is everything a ritual, like she says it is?

I take a snapshot of clouds reflected on water. Is this a ritual I have? Nature captured by a camera lens.

The sky itself beckons me. Not to fly but to take another (ritualistic?) photograph. So I do.

I ignore the passer-by. Anyway, he passed by without some much as a glance. More interested in his phone. So I looked at mine too. And then I thought these words. And then I typed them.

I know you. I have seen you before. You,l are who read my words. You then either incorporate them into your being, or forget them utterly. Either, both, or neither is good.

The sun peeks me through the bush. I will capture him too. Watch …

You see him? Sun of a bush that he is. Haha I say in my mind and I hope you get the joke. I want to be funny. I want to amuse and titillate. So laugh.

Dogs pass me by as I stand here tapping on this oblong (great word) shaped piece of glass, metal and plastic. They see me then they don’t see me. In retaliation, I don’t take their photographs.

It’s getting colder. How can I photograph that? I have access the evidence (goosebumps and shivers) but the actuality will elude my lens forever.

I want to make this into a song.

But it already is.

Job done.

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