Fascinating Reflections on Life

All the hes in my stories are me, and all the shes are me too. I don’t write about anyone else and neither does any fiction writer because it’s impossible to get out of your own head and still be alive enough to write. I’ve never been on enough drugs to say that I’m out of my head but even if I had then I’d still have been inside my own head. All I would have done was change the furniture around a little so that the view had changed. That said, I feel a little out of sorts right now.

I love the way that spider plant over there looks. It’s kind of DNAing around itself and I’m taken by how beautiful the effect is. I’m going to take a photograph, so I am.

It’s prettier in real life, honest. Heck, let’s face it: everything is prettier in real life. I look a lot better in motion than I do in static (what other kind are there?) photographs. I have a grace and style that … well, that make(s) I look good.

In other news:

  • England just beat Northern Ireland five-nil in the Euro 2022 competition thingy. England just needs to win three more games, to add to the ten they previously won in a row, to win the European Cup. That, and they’re women.
  • British Telecom workers are going on strike on the 29th of July
    Railway workers are going on strike on the 30th of July and
    British Telecom workers are going on strike again on the 1st of August.
    My birthday is smack-bang in the middle of all of this (on the 30th). Yeah, send me a card if you want.
  • I’m going to start watching a movie now (I may not finish it tonight). Yeah, I know that’s not really news because I watch movies all the time, but let me just check what I’m watching so that it’ll be more real and exciting for you (and me too). Momento … Yeah, there we go: it’s called The Love Punch. No, I’ve never heard of it either, but it features Pierce Brosnan (one of the Bond boys) and Emma Thompson (Four Weddings and a Funeral etc.) and so it can’t be that bad. Anyway, it’s playing now and so I’ll say thee bye.

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