Mostly About Buddhism

I’m drawn to Buddhism again. I like the philosophy of Buddha, but not so much the Buddhists. On the whole they seem a little too stick-out-like-a-sore-thumbish.

If I were to become anything then I’d need to be able to do it in a t-shirt and blue jeans. Yeah, I know that’s an attachment and a craving and it’ll keep me back from Nirvana as long as I adhere to it, but that’s a small price to pay. I want to be ordinary on the outside and extraordinary on the inside.

I remember a story that some guru told of how he went to India and studied meditation for a couple of decades and became enlightened and all of that. Then he went to visit his folks in his hometown and when he arrived there he bumped into an old school friend who said (something like) “Hey, Fred – great to see you! Well, look at you – you haven’t changed a bit!”

I wanna be like that.

I have some bad habits (haven’t we all) that I want to get rid of; afflictions as they’re called in Buddhist terms. Nothing too serious. Nothing that could see me arrested or anything, but they bother me all the same. Nothing that a couple of decades in a Buddhist Monestary wouldn’t put straight, right?

(Man, there was a lot of nothing in that last paragraph!)

I have a mind like a grasshopper. I sit on the end of my bed thinking up these wonderful schemes. Maybe it’s about time I get on with doing something about them.

That said, I’ve done some interesting stuff in my life (so far). I’m going to try Ramen for the first time in my life in a few minutes. Not exactly groundbreaking, but it’ll do me for now.

Making me feel hungry now. Laters. 🐸


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