So … Mostly Nonsense

So … another white page to fill with little black squiggles. I wonder if I can change the colour of the text within WordPress. I quite fancy Royal Blue at the moment. Let me just have a look at those settings. yEAH! I managed to change it to Cyan Blue, which isn’t a million miles away from where I wanted to be. My fingers are a bit drunk at the moment. I’m a touch typist, but I’m very slow because I keep hitting the wrong key and going back to correct it and I seem to be hitting wrong keys a lot more often at the moment. Probably because I’m in the library on an unfamiliar keyboard. I’m going to show you what my typing is like without going back now. The next sentence will be unedited. So , this is the sentence 6that is unideited and as uypou can see there are some words htat I ha am having a lit of trouble with and what’s more, I’m haveing to stpo muyself from gong back in that I;m adcually going back and correcting automatically ant them I’m having to go back a second time to uncorrect my correcytions n, just to show you what my uncorrecte works are like. And now I will go back to correcting. The text above looks awful to me because it’s full un underlined (in red) words that need correcting. What an agony this is for me to know that I am not allowed to go back and put them right! But if I did then nothing I’ve written would make sense because it would look like I was a perfect typist even though I told you that I was not. Actually, I’m getting much better as the session goes on and I’m getting more used to the keyboard. I know someone who types at 160 words per minute. I’ve been typing for 12 minute now and have written 323 words, which is about (simple maths) 25 words per minute, which is purely awful! I’ve got to stop in a couple of minutes because the computer is going to log me off automatically and so I have just enough time to say that I appreciate you reading this bunch of nonsense and I wish you a lovely da

me trying, without much success, to take a photo of myself from behind in the library where I am typing this post

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