I Wish to be Free from Homemade Chains

I wish i would wtite more. I wish htat i would do the things that really make me happy. It’s punishing to be stick inside a kind that makes me di things that I only half want to do like editing my writing for sense nad punctuation.

I have to go to wathjc a movie now. its Friday night, which is movie night. |snd although i like watching moves this is one I’ve seen before and the person I’m watching it with has seen before although she may not remember this. remembering is a problem at the moment for one of us and i dont want to say more than that because if i say it then it becomes tru, right? I dont want something to be true and so I avoid saying about it so that it stays in the realm of possibility and not in the realm of reality.

My time has gone. I have an appointment one minute ago and so I wish you well and me well and all sentient beings well. Compassion and love to all of us.

homemade chains (my photo)

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