Why is that?

I can think of several reasons why, but I don’t think you’d like any of them.


You’re just not the kind of person that would.

Why do you think that I’m that kind of person?

Because you’re on a perpetual quest for answers and people like that prefer to ask rather than to be answered.

Then why am asking questions all the time if I’m not looking for answers?

You’re looking for the state of mind that only comes when all the questions have been answered and that can never be found whilst questions are being asked.


Because a mind that’s full (of questions) is not the same as an empty (satisfied) mind.

Why can’t I just get all the answers and then be satisfied?

Because there are an infinity of questions.


It’s a big world and we are just small parts of it.

Why can’t you just answer a few questions every day and then we’ll see how we get on?

We can try that, but I’m not sure how well that’ll work.

Why don’t we just try?


Okay, so I have a preliminary list of 4,068 questions, why don’t we work our way down that and then see how we feel at the end of the day?

Ah … sure.

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