Blurb – Recreation in Nine Conversations

I know I’ve only written Convo One as of now, but I have to start thinking of how this novel is going to look on the bestseller shelves! Not going to do the cover yet, but I’m about ready to do the blurb.

The blurb, for those of you who aren’t conversant in the language of publishing, is the bit on the back of the book. It’s a precis of the story without giving away the ending. Its purpose is to give the bookshelf browser a little something to whet their appetite.

The blurb is not to be confused with the synopsis, which is a longer description of the novel that will get sent to the publisher to persuade them to sign up the author for a three-book deal (minimum) and a six-figure sum (somewhere between 100,000 and 999,999 pounds sterling for those of you who don’t do maths). You also see the synopsis on the Wikipedia page for this novel. No, don’t look yet; it ain’t even been written, much less published!

So, yeah, without further ado (’cause we’ve just done enough of that, right!) here’s the blurb:

You’ll Laugh

Arnesto hasn’t joined the Moomins,
despite what his mother thinks. In fact, he hasn’t even
joined a cult. So then why is he telling all his friends
that they need to straighten up and that the
end of the world is just around the bend?

You’ll Cry

In every country, people are disappearing,
but not just any old folk. It’s the special boys
and girls who are vanishing from sight: the ones on
spectrums, the indigo children and, the strangest
of all, the schitzophrenic and senile.

You’ll Die!

It all happens at once: plague, flood,
neutron bombs, famine and, finally, death for
the masses. The only ones who seem to be thriving
are the not-the-Moomins. Turns out that they’re all
heading up a mountain somewhere in India!

But That’s Not All.

Get yourself copied into this email chain
because it’s all going down here: the warning
signs, the preparations and the end of the world.
Then, of course, there’s what happens next.
I’ll give you a clue: mangoes!

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