Deep Conversation

Any of you ever had a deep conversation with either of your parents?

No, me neither.

I kind of wish I could, but I think we’re too shallow to handle it and by that I mean that I’m too shallow to… Actually, when I think about it: my problem is that I’m too socially and emotionally inept to be able to start such a conversation.

My two approaches to conversation are: wisecracks or diving in. The former revolves around me making jokes that trivialise the conversation topic and the latter involves me skipping the social niceties (hello, how are you?) and going straight for the conversational jugular (so, how do you feel about dying?). Neither approach seems to work well.

My mom never seems to get past the social niceties. Once her ‘how are you, how’s the dog (we don’t have a dog)’ stuff is exhausted she collapses in on herself and smiles and tells me she loves me and that’s that.

My dad just tells funny anecdotes about his life. Try to ask him anything important and he goes ‘funny’. You wouldn’t like his funny side. Or mine, come to think about it.

So, yeah. Roll on tomorrow.


30 thoughts on “Deep Conversation

        • Good, thanks. 😊 Lots going off. Went in my first barge trip ever yesterday on the idyllic canals of West Yorkshire, which was fab, started writing a new novel about the end of the world (as you do) and started watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (last night was Avengers Assemble, which was equally awesome!). How about you? Still studying intently and intensely?

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          • Wow that sounds fun!
            Which marvel character is your favourite so far? πŸ˜‚ mine is Iron Man. I can’t wait for the novel to come out so I can read it. But are there gonna be any sneak peeks πŸ‘€

            Yeah I’m still chugging at my books and allπŸ˜‚ I’ve managed to pass my first course with flying colours and I’ve gotten my first A+ last month! I’m about to finish my second course and gonna have my final in it soon. Did you ever have exam anxiety when you were in school?

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            • Oh, for sure my fave character is Virginia “Pepper” Potts! πŸ˜ƒ No idea what you mean about the novel. I guess there are some graphic novels, though.
              Wow,.well done on your studies! Hard work always pays, right? Exam anxiety? How is that related to school? I’ve done three degrees since leaving there! πŸ€“ I guess I’ve always been bright and so, no, I’ve never worried much about exams. You just gotta do the work. Here’s something weird: there was this one time when I was in an exam (international marketing, I think) and this crucial part came up that I knew for a fact I hadn’t revised for. So I said to myself ‘okay, I’ll revise this thoroughly when I get home’. In the new wrote my little essay thing on the subject and then I made sure that part when I got home. Guess what? Yup, I passed. πŸ˜ƒ That pretty much sums up my attitude to life (and exams): it’s not what you know in the moment, it’s what you do afterwards ro make sure you let it all straight. So, yeah, lecture over – fondle something fun. πŸ˜‰

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            • We have different meanings of school but you got what I meant (almost)… I meant school as in the whole educational career, from actual school to uni πŸ˜…
              I was just wondering if you have some advice about exams, apparently you handle things differently than I do. I freak out before the exam then after, and even more till I get my marks..πŸ˜‚

              Any who… Enough if that terrifying subject! I’m starting to get nauseous already lol.
              Soooo how was your barge trip? Did you go during the heat wave or after?

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            • Oh. Okay. Then, yeah, I have advice: don’t take too many people’s feelings into account when doing exams. Your own feelings are enough. In other words: don’t take exams for your parents, professors, peers, culture or country. Do it for you and you alone. Also, remember that this stage of your education is about filling you with facts or, at best, giving you the tools to evaluate those facts and, as such, isn’t much to worry about because in the real world you’ll always be able to look stuff up. The real test will come when you get to the stage where you are conceiving, designing and implementating your own, original research in order to create the facts for the next generation to learn (and regurgitate in exams).
              The barge trip? Erm, it was okay? Better was the chance to talk to the other people on the trip (some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

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            • You’re welcome. 😊
              Weird? Dunno. Not really. I’m not a very sociable person when I’m away from people (I don’t keep in touch), but when I meet people I always spend a lot of time in conversation with them; even with new people too. So I guess it just felt normal to me really.

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            • Nah I’m pretty restricted to what I share. My secrets and thoughts are never known by anyone but me. People assume they know so much when they know nothing at all.
              I actually end up getting people to talk comfortably around me and talking to me about themselves while I just listen and put in a comment or two every now and then.

              To be honest, I think this has an impact on my mentality.

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            • Hey man!! don’t you dis mah pillow case 😀 I’m warning you! πŸ’€

              Also I would tell anyone I have a Snoopy pillow case that I love! No shame in that. I meant other things like emotions, and thoughts. I mean, I could be panicking and freaking out but I wouldn’t show or tell. I always cry in secret.. If i do cry in front of someone then I blame myself for it and get really angry about it.

              Get what I mean now?

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            • Okay. So basically you just shared your love of your Snoopy pillowcase, told me that you have such strong feeling for it that you threaten me with death (albeit in a mock way), tell me about your feelings of panic and self-blame, share that you get angry and cry in secret and then, in the same breath tell me that you never, ever, ever share your emotions and thoughts. Hmm. Methinks that perhaps there’s a slight contradiction there. And when I say that, I say it respectfully.

              I think that you’re one of the most liberated people I’ve ever had the fortune to know.

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            • Kinda knew you we’re gonna say that, so I wrote the comment anyways 🀭

              I was just trying to get you to understand what I mean, even if I had to (jokingly) threaten you about my pillow case πŸ˜…
              Plus, I noticed that I am more open online than ‘in person’ chats

              Liberated? Liberated how πŸ˜…

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