My Melanin Nation

Just a lately I’ve come into the company of all kinda differentness. And, you know what? I’m getting rather jealous as a result of what I’m hearing and seeing. All that niceness and I can’t hardly get me a slice!

For context, melanin is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most organisms. I have some on my face and my arms but none at all on my butt, which is as white as it was when I was born.

Seems that everyone else I know has a surfeit of melanin and they are all busy celebrating it as loudly and vociferously as they can. For instance, I’ve been listening to grime lately, specifically the songs of Little Simz: a British rapper what loses no opportunity to shout out about her melanin.

Not just that; she also spends a fair amount of time and verbiage about her womanhood. And what with all this womanhood, sisterhood and all kinda other hoods floating about, about the only thing that seems to me to be disincluded in all of this is any and all mention of manhood.

Then there’s the inclusiveness and inclusivity of all the LGBTQ people I’m stumbling upon in every direction I turn. Warm, friendly, cuddly and decidedly non-straight which, strangely enough, doesn’t seem to bother me at all. I still feel loved and included. Mostly. And sometimes too much. But sometimes not. A knock on my hotel door at minutes to ten to remind me that breakfast is about to finish is almost not sospetto. But totally well-meant all the same. I’m convinced of it.

I seem to be the only one excluded from the opportunity to reverse-mentor the board at the company I work. I’m assured that there will be opportunities in the future, presumably when the board is composed of melanin-infused, diversely-gendered (is that the word) people of all ages, shapes and abilities. That’s something to look forward to, yes?

The answer is yes. Decidedly.


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