More a Mood Piece than Anything

I love you until the wheels fall off.
We careen down the rocky hillside on axles only.
The shrieking of brakes with no effect.
Only noise.
Only sparks.
Only nothing but the cliff beckoning.
He says ‘throw yourself down.’
I say ‘I’m already in the air.’

I have dreams like this.

I want to inspire you but what can my words do but tap away at the edges of your mind. I have no cliffs with which to beckon. I have no air to support your wings. I am no dream for you to experience the wild sides of life within. I am mere flesh and mind. I sit here with my head cocked to one side; one eye focused on the page with the other fixed on an internal horizon. Lucky for me that I have no need to watch the keyboard for I have no eyes to spare. Makes me think of those that say spare some change to which I say thanks for the opportunity, but no. No to change for I’m impaled by this pin through my thorax. Flutter, flutter, bye.

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