Behavioural Activation

Here’s my longstanding theory of life/joy:

You should always plan stuff to look forward to. It’s not exactly about future thinking, but more about creating something good in the future to think about and look forward to. You can’t achieve the same effect by thinking about the past. I mean, sure you can celebrate something you’ve achieved in the past, but I find that this fades rather quickly. No, it’s all about the future.

Here’s something I discovered today

Behavioural activation is based on one key principle: that scheduling and completing meaningful, purposeful, and rewarding activities can lift our mood, energise us, and stimulate our interest and pleasure in day-to-day life.

University of York: Introduction to Behavioural Activation for Depression

So, yeah, seems that my thoughts and theories about life aren’t so mad after all. 🐸

‘light at the end’ – photo from a barge trip on a canal near Dewsbury

16 thoughts on “Behavioural Activation

    • Everything!! πŸ˜ƒ
      Lunch, reading, sun, chocolate, amusement, work, sleep, showers, walking, blogging, music, singing, dinner, tomorrow, news, a nice cup of tea, sitting, standing, movies, washing the dishes, meeting, being on my own, writing birthday cards, spending money, getting paid, education, cutting my hair – o could go on and on. How about you? πŸ€“

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        • Ach, I can’t be doing with strong chocolate, unless there’s mint in it. 😊 It’s Debby’s birthday (a friend). I’m not going to be celebrating it with her – I just like writing the cards. I’m inventive.

          You should make something up to look forward to. It can be anything. Buy some really nice chocolates and promise yourself that you’ll eat it on Friday at 8pm. Are you allowed outside?

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  1. Sometimes I forget how fortunate we are here the UK. We have so many privileges it’s ridiculous. And everything is so close and plentiful. It’s be better if things were shared out more evenly, yes?
    But yeah, mint is lovely in chocolate. It brightens dark chocolate up so very nicely.
    Why’d you disappear for so long?

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