Keep An Eye Out

I’m not tired. I’m just a little bit can’t-be-bothered-ish. Can I leave it there? No, probably not. I still have the same questions as before: how do I find it in myself to like people I don’t like? How do I do what I don’t want to do yet still enjoy it? I’m not enjoying writing this and yet I’m still writing it. Why? How am I even making my mind move?

Anyway, whatever.

I made up a joke today. It goes something like this:

A man had to have his eyeball removed and so he went to the doctor and had a glass eye made, but the glass eye was a little bit too big and so he called the doctor and the doctor said ‘alright, I’ll alter it so that it is smaller, but I don’t have much time so here’s what we’ll do: meet me on the corner of James Street and Alexis Avenue to hand it over. I’ll have to be quick, so stand on the corner and keep an eye out for me.’

Hey, I didn’t say it was a good joke. And I also told you I was tired, yes?

Is it bedtime yet?


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