Have a Good Breakfast

You know, of course, that the word breakfast literally means to break the fast that you conducted throughout the night, right? Good. That’s one thing I don’t have to tell you then. That leaves me with ample space and time to tell you something that I’ve just found out: having a good breakfast makes you feel absolutely terrific!

I found this out just by chance.

Ignoring the fact that I’ve read this advice countless times in the past, it was only yesterday that an opportune set of circumstances presented themselves to me in order for me to translate the theory into practice.

I mean, sure, I’ve had big breakfasts in hotels when I’ve been away from home, but those experiences don’t really count. When you’re on holiday you’re naturally buzzing anyway and so the addition of a good breakfast doesn’t really make much difference.

I looked in the fridge when I got up yesterday and there was a cream cheese tub full of half a tin of beans and a square crumpet left over from … something. Quick as a flash, I popped the crumpet in the toaster, the beans in the microwave, whipped out a plate, some vegan margarine and, minutes late, was tucking into the first course of my breakfast. Yum!

Then, feeling a little bit too tomato-saucy, I scanned the kitchen for something else. My eyes fell on the cornflakes and, quick as another flash, I whipped out a bowl, poured in a helping of cornflakes topped by some vegan granola, poured some plant-based milk on top and tucked into course number two. Yum-yum!

A nice cup of tea completed my breakfast and and vast and contented sigh escaped my smiling lips just after I tipped in the last drop. Triple yum!

You know what? Yep, you guessed it: I was bouncing all morning. Lovely breakfast; lovely life. I’d recommend in to anyone.

What do you have for breakfast that makes you feel fine?


9 thoughts on “Have a Good Breakfast

  1. For breakfast I usually have cornflakes (if they’re available), a cup of milk before breakfast, some scrambled eggs, cream cheese, maybe some fruits like grapes or mangos if they’re in season, and a nice hot cuppa coffee (aka best part of the day!) And thats it till about 11 when I get hungry again cuz of chores and studying lol. I get myself a snack then. If we want something fancy for breakfast, we make pancakes or waffles, or some biscuits (they’re so good hot out of the oven 🀀), or focaccia!

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