It’s that time of Night again

It’s reached the time of night when it’s nearly time for bed and I can feel all my brain parts shutting down and the fingers on my hands curling up into the position they adopt in sleep and so it’s an effort to make them touch the keys in a meaningful way. Perhaps I should learn to speak-write, which is to say that I should learn how to dictate my thoughts to a computer directly via my mouth rather than letting my fingers mediate the conversation.

Let’s try.

“First I opened up a Word document and then I found on the home ribbon the button that says dictate I clicked it and then I started speaking and actually is pretty good so far it’s actually recording every single word that I’m saying without any mistake at all except that there is no punctuation at all and I don’t really know how to do punctuation because if I try saying. It just types. And if I try saying, then similarly it says, on the screen So what are we going to do well obviously I can go back to insert all the full stops and commas and maybe some capital letters too except well as I said is quite late tonight and who can be bothered with that kind of thing at this time of night when all my brain centres as I said are shutting down and oh I actually I just realised my fingers are OK now they are actually curled up nicely into my chest ready to sleep and I think I’m going to do the same now all I have to do next is copy and paste yourself to and presto it’s done good night”

Note: I’m typing this. When I checked back, I noticed that the software is smarter than I thought it was because it inserted commas and full stops instead of words. Brilliant! I’m going to try this again. But not tonight.


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