Oh, save your life (’cause you’ve only got one)

If I felt like this all the time then I would have a really shit life to look forward to.

The man who moved to his left as I moved to my right on the pavement then stepped off the pavement as I did then crossed to the middle of the road as I did then stayed in the middle as I moved towards him was a cunt. He’d either seen the headline in the papers that said that covid cases were up 17% this week in the UK and wanted to contribute further to that rise or he just wanted to wind me up. Either way, he’s a cunt. In fact, I came think of any other explanation for his behaviour. All of which means that I’m the biggest cunt of them all.

I was thinking, only yesterday (was it really so short a time ago?), that the world is composed of matter in various configurations and that the vibrations from that matter enter out brain through various sense organs. Then we try to make sense of it. Our perception of the world depend on how we interpret those vibrations. If we apply love to those vibrations then it seems as if we’re living in a world built of love.

Obviously I’m not doing that today.

Can I change my mind?

Dunno. Probably.

Let’s see.

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