Just after I started meditating I went to a spirituality fair. I walked around for a bit and looked at the various offerings: tarot card readings, Indian head massage, aura photography, that sort of thing.

One stall struck me as interesting. It was simple. A card table with a candle in the middle, a sign that said free introduction to meditation and a young Indian lady wearing a colourful sari sat in one of the two chairs set at opposite ends of the table.

I sat on the other chair and we chatted for a few moments, warming to each others presence. We then started to speak about meditation, halting and yet with a refreshing honesty. We spoke of the different kinds of meditation, each sharing from our own experience and then we came on to the specific practice of meditating whilst focusing on the flame of the candle.

I remember thinking how much I was enjoying this subtle yet effective introduction to meditation before I gave myself over to the flame. Then, as we, by mutual assent, broke out of our trance states I was given assurance by the Indian lady that she too had found benefit from the session.

Sensing the lesson to be almost over, I exchanged further pleasantries with the lady and was just about to rise, noting that she seemed about to do the same, when the meditation teacher arrived back at his stall, from a comfort break, in order to greet the two customers sat waiting for him.


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