Happy Path

What would it be like if your mind was a house with many rooms with each of those spaces corresponding to a state of mind such as sorrow, happiness, anger, joy, hatred, contentment, jealousy or forgiveness?

Could you find your way to a particular room under your own steam without, in the case of happiness, vehicles like money, fame, rocket ships, pet frogs or smartphones?

What are the well-worn paths in your mind? And which rooms do they lead to? And would you if you could avoid those rooms as if they contained plagues and deadly vibes?

What kinds of instructions would it be possible to give to enable you to find the rooms that give you the most benefit and would you follow those instructions if you had them?

If life was really as simple as this would you seek out instructions and if your life depended on it and … well, would you be happy then? Would you? I hope you would.


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