The Ghetto of Happiness

What do you think of what you think it will get her you think you’re like that for a place where nobody really wants to live but they live because they know where else to go or do you think of maybe a place where unhappy people are get us and exist in places like jam entus and anyway I get oh well nobody wants to be there really that’s the point so where are we we are living in a good place the person everything that we have all the possessions that we want in this place and the other place has nothing nothing nothing nothing we want to go to a place where we have the things that we want yeah what if we go to a place where are there lots of trees now be called a forest right or if we go to a place where there’s lots of happiness I’ll be manowar heaven I don’t know when we go to a place it doesn’t have the things that we want what do we call that place hell never know something like that it’s absolutely not what I’m trying to say what I’m trying to say is that I get to The Getaway support place and I get to it’s a place where people don’t want to be so yeah so it’s nothing to do with get us nothing at all so let’s change the title let’s call it my let’s go back to an old title the whole bit of happiness full stop the over to happiness is the location of that this is the place where happiness lives is the vicinity is the neighbourhood and when we living at the 7th we hopefully live in the vicinity that will like we live in an orbit of what do you like do you like to be happy I do so what’s the point what’s the point of living in a place where there is no happiness that’s like here isn’t it really you think about it and insure it like you have bits of happiness like when you get a new car and you happy for a short while and then it gets hold or stolen or something like that or if you live in a place will you be happy but if you didn’t then you wouldn’t be so that can happen this is just enough fleeting it just depends on things being there if you like it’s back are the happiness of liking and the sorrow of not liking and guess that’s the opposite I like to personally and if I was in a forest and I’ll be happy but is that real happiness I mean if somebody came down overnight and burn the Forest Town and go there and one of that place wouldn’t continue the tree soul I won’t be happy so it’s not as if happiness lives there is it this must be surely so I kind of place where is no kind of thing but still there is happiness what’s that place called yeah keep thinking about was it play to our estoppel had this concept of Concepts being beyond things like there’s a concept of happiness and nice thing of happiness and the concept exist independent of the thing is like a real Moira a place of happiness that you can can’t remember like a representation of happiness a realm of the representation of happiness


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