Live in This World Anonymously

Is it not possible to live in this world without ambition, just being what you are? If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation. I think one can live in this world anonymously, completely unknown, without being famous, ambitious, cruel. One can live very happily when no importance is given to the self; and this also is part of right education.

The whole world is worshipping success. You hear stories of how the poor boy studied at night and eventually became a judge, or how he began by selling newspapers and ended up a multimillionaire. You are fed on the glorification of success. With achievement of great success there is also great sorrow; but most of us are caught up in the desire to achieve, and success is much more important to us than the understanding and dissolution of sorrow.


3 thoughts on “Live in This World Anonymously

  1. I think I find the biggest differences in your posts would be the deliberate serious of ones- such as this- and then the others that wear jackets with all sorts of gigglypuff pockets and humour that glazes up smirks.

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    • Yeah, sorry about that: this one wasn’t me. It was Krishnamurti. I put it in the tags but it’s not suoerabundantly clear. So, yeah – mark me down as permanently gigglypuff. 😆


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