Make your writing memorable. Here’s how:

  • Use commonplace scenarios and situations; places and circumstances that people come across all the time; universal experiences that speak to everyone. Think of the things that you do every day and incorporate them into your writing. But …
  • Make sure that you do something new and fresh with those situations and places. Have your characters do something unique with a commonplace object. Allow extraordinary things happen in ordinary places. Create bait that everyone is attracted to and place it on hooks that no-one can escape from.

If you can do this then you will find scenes from your books echoing in people’s minds for lifetimes and beyond. Whenever they come across your commonplace scenarios, your extraordinary words will enter their minds unbidden. They may not remember your books, but your books will certainly remember them.

Those of a sensitive disposition should look away now.

I once read a book that contained a scene where a woman listened to her close male friend as he went to the bathroom. While he was out of sight, but within easy earshot, she remarked to herself how considerate it was that avoided peeing in the water and how much she appreciated that about him.

I go to the bathroom all the time, as do you. And I remember this small scene very often.

That’s what your writing should do.


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