Five Kay

Did my first 5K for a long time today. I finished it in about 30 minutes and I know that’s not at all fast but it feels like an achievement to me.

Fun fact: sweat is 99% water and 1% fat and salt. I became intimately associated with this fact today.

Bonus information: I have popcorn in my teeth at the moment. Popcorn is one of the least appreciated torture devices of the modern world. You sit and eat it in the cinema and then, when you’ve done, you have to sit there in the dark with popcorn between your teeth for the rest of the movie. Such a strange world we live in.


2 thoughts on “Five Kay

  1. Well congratulations to you. You should feel good about that accomplishment. In terms of the popcorn it is impossible to smell it and not want it. You forgot the chocolate dark I might add. We go to a drug store and load up on m and m’s and Reese’s pieces. At the movie theater that would be $20 just for the candy so I also bring water in a large purse. I can’t wait to see the new avatar show. I have only seen two movies twice in a theater in my life. The first one was the animated movie up. I remember being distracted because you could actually see his nose hairs moving. The other movie was avatar and I can’t wait to see it. It opens here I think the first week of December, I just don’t worry about the popcorn in my teeth and brush them extra good when I get home. Hope you saw great movie. Have a blessed day Joni.🦋🤗

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    • Believe it or not I don’t know what a piece of Reese is! 😃 But I bet it leaves fewer pieces in the teeth than popcorn. Given the choice it’d be chocolate over popcorn any day of the week. Life’s a balancing act I think: the more you eat, the more exercise too need to keep yourself in shape. Ironically, though: the more you eat, the less you feel like exercising. 😅
      Movies? Well, I’m a big fan. I’ll watch anything so long as it doesn’t send me to sleep – even nose hairs!


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