Stand Up for your Right to Forget Stuff

I read a lot of books. So we’re going on a long weekend break and I have to decide which book to take and so I tell the wife about how the next one on the list is this three-inch thick volume of graphic novelness about China, or something like that, and it would only take me and so that wouldn’t work and that the book after that is the Dummies Guide to Having a Better Memory, which is just as big and so forget about that I said!

So then she tells me to write that down because it’s funny and I would forget it if I didn’t. And I’m, like of course I won’t forget! I’ve just read the intro to the Dummies Guide to Not Forgetting Important stuff; duh!

So anyway, I gets my phone out and starts writing it up and she’s, like, Boo, look at that bird in that tree and look how that cloud looks like Baby Krishna and stuff like that. And I’m just about to tell her that I can’t write and listen at the same time when she says…

“Oh, no!”


She ignores me so I say “what?”

“Nothing,” she says.

“What!” I say again.

“I forgot the mouse,” she said.


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