Mostly For Me (Tangentially For You)

Standing in the shower thinking about a dream I had that was much too disturbing (for you) to relate (to you).
Shaking it off I thought instead of what I might write (to you) that would be more acceptable (for you).
For you are a different kind of creature from me and therefore, to you, I write this …

You are lovely.

When you wake
and wake you will,
it will be as if the sun
into a cool,
ocean of light.

Should you touch your eyes in surrender to the warm breath of air exuded by the lush forest growing wild
your eyes will reflect the smile touching your lips.
You are willing to please the earth.

Your wishes on this first morning go out to the edge of existence and come back to you as breakfast.
Bless the rest of your forever
with the deeds of this day.

Honour will follow you for days out of mind.

If I were the sun,
the stars,
the very universe
then I’d still notice you.

… and having written this I go to sleep again. My dreams are not for you for they are merely twisted versions of what I idly muse upon and wish for in the day. They twist on the end of a metaphorical length of rope. The rope symbolically snaps. I pretend to fall.

And after all that, I remember what I really wanted to blog about today and it was this: the nights have blended into the mornings and left the night adrift in a sea of nothingness. I would like to find a way to reclaim the night as part of my life.


Research possibilities:


21 thoughts on “Mostly For Me (Tangentially For You)

      • You are wrong my friend. I am not use to commenting unless I read something or even like a post without reading and commenting. Many questions come to mind when one reads this. It is obvious that you are having trouble sleeping and your dreams the meanings all –
        evade you. And I write many disturbing things all the time about my life and I am laying my soul bare but I write them because it makes me feel better and I appreciate people giving me their feedback or comments. The other reason I write is because sometimes it helps people that are suffering from the same issues. I was not familiar with any of the text you referenced and I am not an interpreter of dreams. Yes I have had many many years of horrid dreams that haunted me, those dreams stopped many years ago. And I am sorry if I somehow upset you as that was certainly not my intent. I would never respond to a post with the intent to ignore its contents, or to hurt the poet or writer. I have obviously hurt you and you have my sincere apology. There are many train psychologist that can help people with their dreams. I hope that you get some resolution with this issue as I know it can be a troubling one. I have said a prayer for you. That’s the only thing I know to do. Again, I’m very sorry that my comment hurt your feelings or hurt you.

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        • Haha – no, sorry, I was just trying to be funny when I ‘acted’ as if I was shocked that you read my post and thus had seen my ‘soul laid bare’. In actual fact I fully expected you to have read the post and I am happy for anyone to do so. The things I share are things I am comfortable with people reading.
          You may have misunderstood my post, though. I have no difficulty sleeping. I never have horrid dreams (and I’m glad that you don’t have them anymore). You haven’t hurt my feelings in any way whatsoever. In fact, I’m sorry that I seem to have troubled you with my strange sense of humour.
          All was well, Joni. All is well. And all will continue to be well. πŸ™‚


  1. “If I were the sun,
    the stars,
    the very universe
    then I’d still notice you.”

    So poetic, yet beautiful!

    “Dreams are merely twisted versions of what I idly muse upon and wish for in the day. They twist on the end of a metaphorical length of rope. The rope symbolically snaps. I pretend to fall”
    That theory or metaphor makes so much sense, I want to think in detail about it. I think dreams are a result of our mind mixing up our thoughts with the events in our life in a graphical format.

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  2. Loved the poem. I’ve always had issues with nightmares. And very vivid ones at that. I was talking about it to one of my psychology professors at university a few years ago and she told me the best way to loosen the grip that dreams have on us is to ignore them. The less your think about your dreams the less frequent they become and the less you remember them.

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    • I seem to have been misinterpreted slightly. When I said that my dream was (potentially) disturbing I meant by readers of a delicate disposition (because of a slightly erotic content (okay, I accept that you have (probably) stopped reading now and this is why I didn’t want to go there in the post)). I wasn’t at all disturbed myself. These things come and go and barely leave a ripple to mark their passing.
      That said, your advice on how to loosed the grip of vivid and unwanted dreams is valid and useful and I thank you for it, Pooja. I don’t generally pay much attention to dreams except as they pass me by on the way out of the door. πŸ™‚
      Life is good.
      Kindness – Robert,

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  3. If you mean remembering dreams, which I never do, I heard you are supposed to wake yourself at odd times. If you have a fitness tracker with sleep tracker you can look for patterns of when you typically dream and try to wake up amidst it

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